Best Gaming Keyboards under $20 in 2020 – Full Review

Best Gaming Keyboards under $20 in 2020 – Full Review

When it comes to gaming, your gears plays the most essential role in your game stats. And here, we’re going to talk about the most needed gaming gear, i.e., Gaming Keyboard. We’ll today talk about the best gaming keyboards under $20 you can get and improve your game.

A good keyboard is a must if you are a gamer or streamer. To improve your score and kills in different fps games, the gaming keyboard plays an active role.

Although, they’re not exclusive for gaming if you want productivity in your day to day PC works like graphic designing, video editing, etc.

So for all our budget gaming fellows, we made a list of best gaming keyboards under the price tag of $20 so that you can enjoy getting kills without worrying about the cost.

Note: The cost of each keyboard is under $20 at the time of writing this post. It could be possible you see the prices a little high or low. You can check out the AliExpress links we’re providing with Amazon to get a better deal.

List of Best Gaming Keyboards under $20 Budget

Rank KeyboardBacklightMechanicalAvg. RatingsPrice
#1VicTsing VK102930US4.3Check On Amazon
#2NPET G204.2Check On Amazon
#3Acepha KM07U4.3Check On Amazon
#4Dereu LK1353.9Check On Amazon
#5Rii RK 100+4.3Check On Amazon
#6Rii Primer RK1044.4Check On Amazon
#7BlueFinger Blue1717-13.9Check On Amazon



This is the best gaming keyboard so far below $20 price segment. VicTsing offers a killer deal on its gaming keyboard which is perfect in almost all the segments.

Its metallic body and the ergonomic shape makes it super sturdy and comfortable while grinding in games.

You’ll instantly fall in love with its performance and design. To enhance gaming precision, it comes with 19 anti-ghosting keys which are mainly used while playing games.

Although it is still a membrane keyboard, it feels much more like a mechanical structure due to its clicky mid-height floating keycaps.

So if you’re planning to buy a budget king, this is definitely the way to go for you.

12 multimedia shortcutsKeys might rub off
Rest pad integration 
Shockproof and spill-resistant 
Feels like a mechanical keyboard 

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For guys with low budget, this is one of the best keyboard you can find on internet.

NPET has gained quite a good reputation in the area of budget gaming peripherals in recent times. And at this killer price, this keyboard will be a good deal for you.

This NPET G20 keyboard’s great design and its compact minimal shape with 87 keys will help you in saving a lot of space on your desk.

Moreover, the flip out style feet with rubber grip will keep it stable even while typing hard.

It is a membrane keyboard that is successful in mocking the feel of a mechanical keyboard with strong click sound keys.

So, if your budget is only $20 and wants a mechanical keyboard experience, then this gaming keyboard is made for you.

Modes to adjust brightness and colorsNot too bright backlights
Compact design saves space 
Removable keys with a keycap puller 
Clicky keys like mechanical keyboards 

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This is a keyboard which is too good to be true, but still in the market selling at less than $20.

The Acepha KM07U keyboard is a full-fledged gaming keyboard. It is so good that you can compare it to many of the higher price range gaming keyboards of 30-40 bucks.

Aside from mechanical perk, this amazing keyboard comes with 105 programmable keys that are prevented from the inaccuracy of double key presses.

Its metallic keys claimed to last over 50 million keystrokes by company, so you don’t have to worry about the durability of this budget beast.

Overall, it is the best deal for all people who want gaming keyboard under 20 bucks price ceiling.

But still we’re keeping it #3 as this product is not available all the time in market.

10 RGB backlighting modesOut of stock most of the time
Ergonomic design with adjustable rear feet 
Fully programmable metallic keys 
100% Anti Ghosting 
Full Mechanical keyboard 

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If you want to use a full-sized gaming keyboard, Dareu LK135 is the way to go for you. It is 104 keys semi-mechanical keyboard which you can use as gaming as well as your office or daily typing works.

With 23 anti ghosting keys, 7 different color lights, and floating keycap design, it seems to be a perfect product under this little price bracket.

It comes in a good branded packaging and company claims that the keys has passed 1 Million keypresses testing. That confirms the rigidity of the material used in this.

The keys feel like a rubberized soft version of Cherry MX Blue switches, which is quite good news for budget gamers.

So overall, this keyboard is suitable for people who want to play hardcore games, and at the same time, do daily office works.

Impact and Water resistantOnly single color modes
7 different color lights
Clicky switches
Anti-slip rubber pads and feets

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Rii better known as Reeee… is a well known brand in the budget gaming segment. And their gaming keyboard justify their work.

Rii RK100+ is a keyboard that holds most of the powers needed to be a gamer. It is also a membrane mechanical “feeling” keyboard that will surely satisfy your touches to its keys.

It comes as a full-sized 105 keys keyboard, 11 of them are special keys to manage multimedia controls.

So like Dareu one, this is also for people who want all keys to game and work together.

Moreover, it has 2 backlit color modes either left to right flowing effect or breathing effect. And the lights are only green>red>blue across the whole keyboard.

But what can you expect from a $20 gaming budget keyboard anyways?

Multimedia keysOnly 3 unchangeable backlit colors
Refund in 30 days without any reason 
Easy to see letters even in full dark 

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Another one from Reeee… This one comes with the same design as NPET G20, but with a price cut.

And as you know, you’ll get what you paid for. It comes with multimedia shortcuts, ABS keycaps, 7 different lighting modes with rainbow keyboard lighting and great Rii’s after sale service.

This one also has the best amazon rating of 4.4 among all the keyboards we’re mentioning here, so you don’t have to worry about the durability.

It will be a wonderful keyboard for you in terms of value for price paid. It is a 87 keys keyboard so your desk will always gonna be clean.

So this Rii Primer RK104 is a great option over NPET G20 if you want to save some money.

12 Months Guarantee and 30 day refundNot too bright backlights
Compact design saves space 
ABS Keycaps, keys won’t fade away easily 

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7. BlueFinger Blue1717-1 – BACKLIGHT GAMING KEYBOARD

BLUEFINGER Blue1717-1 - Backlight Keyboard

And its time for the final shot now. It you’re really into looks, the BlueFinger Blue1717-1 keyboard for gaming will impress you with its thunder’y design and futuristic shape.

It will give your whole setup an extreme vibe look to flex in front of your mates. Apart from aesthetics, this keyboard also gives quite a good performance while gaming.

It comes with nice features like separate multimedia keys, ergonomic design, adjustable feets and rubber pads to make it a super stable, complete keyboard.

It is suitable for people who want to add a great look to their gaming setup at a minimal cost.

The thing which makes it less than others is that it’s a membrane keyboard and some of the keys are stiffer than others. So if you can live with that, it is a good deal for sure.

10 extra multimedia control keysOnly 3 single light colors
19 non-conflict keysStiff Space bar
Laser engraved letters

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Our Recommended best Gaming Keyboard Under 20 bucks

If you ask us, without a doubt the winner here is Acepha KM07U. But the thing is this keyboard is out of stock or unavailable all the time.

So apart from Acepha, you should go for VicTsing Gaming Keyboard. It is an all-rounder with expensive-looking design with all the features you’ll need while gaming hard.

If you can extend your budget, check out best gaming keyboards under $50.

Moreover, it is a value for money champ with good ratings and reviews. So it will be a perfect choice for all types of people whether they’re gamers or casual PC users.

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