Best Gaming Keyboards under $50 in 2020 – Full Review

Best Gaming Keyboards under $50 in 2020 – Full Review

When it comes to the PC gaming world, you need all the possible weapons you can to own the show, including a gaming keyboard. We have some prodigious gaming keyboards under $50 to present here.

You need the correct information at the right time, that’s all. If you have the exact knowledge, you can find yourself the perfect match in any budget you have whatsoever.

Now, with all that said, let’s jump in and have a look at the best Gaming Keyboards for under 50 USD you can buy.

Note: The cost of each keyboard is under $50 at the time of writing this post. It could be possible you see the prices a little high or low. You can check out the AliExpress links we’re providing with Amazon to get a better deal.

List of Best Gaming Keyboards under $50 Budget

RankGaming KeyboardsSwitches TypeMechanicalAvg. RatingsPrice
#1DIERYA DK-63Brown Switches4.1Check On Amazon
#2Redragon K552-RGBBlue Switches4.6Check On Amazon
#3ROYAL KLUDGE RK61Red Switches4.3Check On Amazon
#4Havit Keyboard and Mouse ComboBlue Switches4.5Check On Amazon
#5Logitech G213Membrane4.4Check On Amazon
#6Corsair K55 RGBMembrane4.5Check On Amazon
#7Razer Cynosa LiteMembrane4.5Check On Amazon


DIERYA DK-63 60% keyboard

A common belief is that all the handy and useful things don’t come cheap. But that’s not entirely true, I mean there is Dierya DK-63 under the budget of $50.

It is the best mechanical keyboard in the market that offers pretty good features at such a low price point. It has a total of 7 different RGB color lights with 8 lighting effects which is not just changing colors and all, but cool ones like Reactive, Wave, Ripple, and Aurora mode.

And in this killer price, it’s packed with Bluetooth connectivity, USB type-C detachable cable, kickstand feet, brown switches, and 1900mAh battery. I mean, what else you want?

With this premium look and build quality, it comes with four-way gripping with 6 rubber pads to keep this little beast steady. So you can keep gaming without adjusting it again and again to your ideal place.

So if you want the best mechanical keyboard under 50 with power-packed specifications and low price, then Dierya DK-63 is a perfect match for your fingertips.

Impressive RGB custom modesMore than usual double assigned keys
Compact 60% design with arrow keys
Removable keys with a wired keycap puller
Full mechanical keyboard

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Redragon K552-RGB Gaming Keyboard

Talking of gaming, how can you miss Redragon? They have always come up strongly when it comes to aggressively cheap gaming peripherals.

Redragon K552 mechanical keyboard has the best Amazon ratings when compared to others on this list. The body is slightly on a hefty and robust side with 87 conflict-free stable keys. The keycaps are devised with accuracy to enhance their distinct backlighting and durability.

It features 5 lighting modes, 12 Multimedia keys, a rainbow, and a splash-proof design. This high precision keyboard has plate mounted keys with Outemu blue switches that are cherry MX blue equivalent. So you can expect some crisp typing sound and slight resistance with it.

Also, it is a wired keyboard, which means no wireless connectivity. The full RGB Backlit is the star of the show, with each button being distinctly noticeable. The customizations are too easy to perform, and you can individually customize each key.

So if your budget is hardly reaching $50 and you want to save some, you can go with Redragon K552 RGB Gaming Keyboard.

19 RGB backlight optionsNo software customization
Metal-ABS Construction
Molded keycaps Outemu blue switches
Neither huge nor tiny 87-keys design

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ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 keyboard

Next up in the list is the Royal Kludge RK61 mechanical keyboard. Being one of the best selling and most popular budget keyboard, it’s still in the club of best 60% wireless keyboards under 50 dollars or pounds price ceiling.

This one has Royal Kludge’s own version of red switches, that are fairly comparable with the Cherry MX variant. Switches provide precise tactile feedback and are replaceable with a keycap puller in the box.

Moreover, it is a wireless keyboard that you can connect to 3 devices simultaneously. A 1450mAh battery will be enough for you to use it for up to 8-9 hours. Although you won’t notice any latency issues, you can plug a micro USB cable straight to your machine.

But the reason this keyboard is at #3 in this list is the absence of RGB lights. You can buy one color from the options of Blue, Orange, and Red, and its lighting effect modes are also impressive. And if you can, you can spend a couple more bucks for an RGB variant.

So if you want performance+gaming+looks, this Royal Kludge RK61 will be the game-changer for you.

Compact steady designSingle color backlight, not RGB
Wireless bluetooth connectivity
Software customization
Cherry MX red equivalent keys

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If you’re also looking for a mouse, you can select Havit mechanical keyboard and mouse combo. This is the only keyboard+mouse combo on this list.

It offers blue switches with pleasant click sounds and tactile feedback while typing. Lighting options on this are also impressive with 21 different modes to set and able to record 3 groups of backlit modes. 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover adds up to the performance while gaming hard.

Talking about the mouse, you can set not only three or four, but 6 DPI levels from 800-1600-2400-3200-4000-4800 to match the movement of your hands with precision while gaming. With 7 different backlit modes, your desk will also look great with this beautiful combination.

The durability of both the peripherals is also over the top with aluminum alloy keyboard material. The mouse also doesn’t feel cheap and provides a subtle click experience even if even used continuously for hours.

So if you want to buy the best keyboard and mouse combo under 50, this couple won’t disappoint you in any matter.

Keyboard+Mouse comboHeavy for a gaming keyboard
Mechanical blue switches
Much more lighting effects

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LOGITECH G213 gaming keyboard

When it comes to Logitech, there will be no compromise regarding quality anyhow. I still have an old Logitech mice from the past 12 years, which is still usable without any problem.

And this Logitech G213 keyboard says the same. It is not a mechanical keyboard like others above in the list, but we glad they even make a gaming keyboard in this budget segment. Keys are clicky enough to be compared with mechanical ones.

It is a full RGB keyboard that gives this classy gaming vibe. It is the best-looking keyboard in terms of looks. Color Spectrum Illumination lets you set from 16.8 million colors with 5 lighting modes. So there are insane customization options for your personalized theme.

Also, it has a hand rest extension to the bottom to make your hands rest on them. Logitech customization software is the best among all the brands.

If you need a life long support with awesome looks, Logitech G213 gaming keyboard in the way to go.

Best customization optionsNot mechanical
16.8 million colors to choose
Better quality build

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Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

The Corsair K55 RGB is our next pick for stacking up your gaming with the resources well under your reach.

Corsair has cemented its name in the field of gaming equipment with their over the top gadget range. This Corsair K55 RGB is no exception, being one of the very best when it comes to good gaming keyboards under $50.

The Corsair K55 has responsive keys, 3 RGB backlit modes along with an overall functional and comfortable design.

You are provided with 6 programmable macro keys backed-up with dedicated volume and media controls enhance your overall gaming experience.

It is detachable with the company of its quick and responsive keys structure and an addition of a rubber palm rest that makes it a perfect fit for games and work.

If shortcuts and looks you’re looking in a keyboard, Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard is for you.

RGB backlit with customization of colorsMembrane keyboard
Multiple macro keys and media controlHeavy due to extra buttons area
Dust and Spill-Resistant

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Razer Cynosa Lite keyboard

Last but the beast, No.7 on this list is the Razer Cynosa Lite keyboard. It comes with a reliability factor that eases your stress to find a good gaming keyboard under 50 bucks tightness.

This champ can handle ten commands at the same time with inbuilt key rollover anti-ghosting. And as you know about Razer, they always make sure their products are over the expectations when it comes to gaming.

Aside from that, it is backed up by a 2-year manufacturer warranty, water & spill-resistant, and Razer Hypershift lets you switch between different sets of controls and remapping.

Buttons on this one are membrane type and feel soft and cushioned on the press. Suitable for a quiet environment.

This keyboard is suitable for calm nature people. If you’re relating to that, you can grab this Razer Cynosa Lite.

RGB backlit with customization of colorsMembrane keyboard
Software customizationNot so clicky feedback

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Our Recommended Best Gaming Keyboard Under 50 Dollars

At a time when you have all the expensive stuff all around, you might find it as a day savior because this list features some best cheap gaming keyboards under $50.

Out of all the choices, I think the most value for money gaming segment keyboard you can have is DIERYA DK-63. It is full of all the features pro gamers ask. From mechanical brown switches to wireless capability, you’re getting it all.

But but but, if you do not trust any non-mainstream brand, I would recommend you to go for Logitech G213. Look, I know Logitech G213 is a membrane keyboard which might be a turn down for many of you. But when it comes to trust, I don’t think Logitech is charging much here.

Still having budget constraints? check out our list of Best gaming keyboards under $20.

let us know what is your option for the top gaming keyboards under $50 budget so others can know much more options in the comment section. Till then, keep grinding in the games.

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