6 Best Green Screens for Streamers You can Find Under $30

6 Best Green Screens for Streamers You can Find Under $30

Are you looking for Green screens? What if I told you that you can find some amazing Green screens under $30?

Don’t believe me? Keep reading!

Finding Good quality Equipment to use is certainly the most panicky thing to witness as a streamer. And trust me when I say this, Green Screens are always a tough nut to crack.

As easy as they sound, tougher they get when you go out looking for them. Because technically You can find a good monitor, even the fastest internet connection and headphones but green screen always will always get the better of you.

Plus, budget is a major concern while shopping for streaming gears. This is why this list has some pocket-friendly recommendations for you to try out.

Coming back to the topic, how do you find good quality green screens under $30 that fits your budget?

Let’s address the primary subject that brought you here below.

List of Best Green Screens Under $30

Green Screens Size Average RatingBuy Now
Neewer Photography Background9×13 Feet4.4Buy on Amazon
Issuntex Green Background Muslin Backdrop6×9 feet4.4Buy on Amazon
Emart Photography Backdrop Background6×9 feet 4.4Buy on Amazon
LYLYCTY 5x7ft Green Screen Key Backdrop5×7 feet4.2Buy on Amazon
Limo Studio 5 x 10 ft. Green Chromakey Muslin Backdrop5×10 feet 4.6Buy on Amazon
Prism Backdrop by Ravelli10×12 feet4.4Buy on Amazon

Let’s get to know about these amazing green screens a little more that you will help you get along with your favourite green screen backdrop –

1. Neewer Photography Background Screen

Green Screens under $30
image source – Amazon

Our No.1 pick for the green screens under $30, the Neewer’s product. This is a 9 x 13 feet, 2.8 pounds, Green screen which perfectly fits any normal size person for full body shots, video shoots, portrait shoots, creative videos and more for your streaming needs.

The cloth is what makes this item stand out. Made with thick premium quality fabric with a single piece without any stitching so as to give you a seamless and ultimate design.

Fabric is absolutely non-transparent and can be easily dusted off in order to save most of your time after the wrap.

This screen is balanced in weight so it is not that hard to set it up, roll it after the shoot and transport it to other places. In spite of the fact that it is 2.8 x 4 metres, it is wrinkle-free and durable owing to the thick material used.

In the $30 budget, this will suit you perfectly! This delivers more than its value, exactly what you are looking for.

Easy and quick to ironNot advisable to use outdoors in heavy natural light
Can be easily istelled on the wall without a standProne to wrinkles
Superior quality material
Makes post-production simple and straightforward

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2. Issuntex Green Background Muslin Backdrop

Issuntex 6X9 ft Green Background
image source – Amazon

This 6 x 9 ft green background from Issuntex is a great option for anyone looking to buy green screens under $30. It is apt for filming videos for television and digital photography for those who are not looking to spend much.

Editing the shadows and fold-lines can be a menace while post-production so, try to keep the lighting adequate and use iron properly to wipe them out.

Made with good quality polyester which is advertised as “dense”, but still, you might get some light passing through it. So, best would be to stick it against a wall using the clamps in order to keep the background dense. Since the fabric is soft, it keeps resisting wrinkles for quite some time, but not always!

Weighing around 2 pounds, it is extremely easy to carry it around even in a backpack. It is easy to install it on the wall using the rod and the clamps. As far as cleaning is concerned, you can simply dust it off or dip it in for machine wash.

So, this is a good decent backdrop with small-medium video and editing needs.

Easy to handle and quick to ironThe screen can get wrinkles frequently
Thick dark material
Makes editing easy and error-free

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3. Emart Photography Backdrop Background

Emart Green Screens
image source – Amazon

Next on the list is the Emart 6 x 9 feet photography background which is slightly smaller than our no.1 but it can easily cover most of the streaming needs for videos, online classes, portrait photograph, and more.

It is made purely out of cotton and is soft, lightweight, so it is easy to fold and carry around, thereby increasing its durability. Not only that but it is made out of one single material to maintain its seamless posture.

Talking about its photo effects, the 100% cotton cloth used to make this screen makes editing super easy. And for wrinkles, simple few things like steaming and a dash of ironing sends them back to doom. In case it gets dirty, you can opt for dry clean or machine washed to get the shine back!

The only thing you need to worry about is using the cloth in extreme light. Since the cloth is slightly thinner, light can get pass easily, so you better avoid your outdoor shootings with this background.

Overall, it is a wonderful tool for professional photo effects and high-quality editing video needs. You get a great deal for less than $30.

Adequate length Be ready to iron it frequently to remove wrinkles
Easy to wash and dust off
Perfect for medium to slightly bigger sized streamers

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4. LYLYCTY 5x7ft Green Screen Key Backdrop

LYLYCTY 5x7ft Green Screen Key Backdrop
image source – Amazon

Our next pick for Green Screens under $30 features a fit choice for professional looking backdrop for photography, videography , video broadcast, portrait photography, interview, streaming, TV shoot, and many more uses which can be completed with a 5×7 ft Screen.

The screen is easy to iron and can be installed on the wall with the help of command strips, you don’t even need a stand. Also, the cloth can be used both sides as it is completely green either side.

The fact that it is quite solid and thick, prevents light to interrupt making it usable outdoors as well. Polyester makes it elastic, durable, and light-weight. However, timely ironing will be good to keep all the wrinkles away.

For a medium-sized set indoors and outdoors and an easy to use a polyester backdrop with a good chroma key effect, this green screen is a good pick for green screens under $30.

Good for streaming gamesMight experience frequent wrinkles
Instelling the screen on the wall is easy and quick Needs to be ironed so that editing isn’t disturbed
Serves a wide range of sets – photography, videography, TV video, and others
Elastic and soft material

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5. Limo Studio 5 x 10 ft. Green Chromakey Muslin Backdrop

Limo Studio 5 x 10 ft. Green Chromakey Muslin Backdrop
image source – Amazon

This Limo Studio Muslin backdrop right here serves as a great option for photo and video shoots. Standing at 5×10 ft, this green screen chroma keys well making editing a lot easier.

The material is light-weight, easily washable, non-glossy and wrinkle-resistant. Dusting off the cloth will make it ready to use for the shoot and if you see any wrinkle, reach out for an iron, it won’t take long.

Though wrinkles may get a bit too eggy, reach out for an iron, this cloth doesn’t take long to get ironed properly. Keeping it wrinkle-free will be of help as it won’t bother you while post-production.

Superior quality material Width might feel short to some
Non-glossy and lightweightProne to wrinkles
Easy to clean

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6. Prism Backdrop by Ravelli

image source – Amazon

The height of 10 x 12 inches makes it enough to cover an average to a taller individual in their shoots. This screen covers all of your backgrounds perfectly so that you can edit every single part of the screen.

The stitched edges give it extra safety in order to make it more stable and stationary. 100% cotton has been used to make this Green screen to give it excellent photographic effects.

But because of the length and material used, it can lead to extra weight on the stands. Before using the backdrop, make sure to ensure the stands are doing properly. Also, you’ll find the screen flocked on one side.

However, being made of cotton, wrinkles are very common. So, be ready to iron it frequently and pay attention while editing to cover the shadows and wrinkles properly.

The only reason this backdrop is at No.6 in green screens under $30 is because of its price which might exceed your budget. But trust me when I say this, this is an amazing product!

Made with thick cotton materialWill Cost you extra bucks
Full-length to serve all streaming and media needs Prone to wrinkles
Seamless design
Eases post-production

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Our Recommendation on the Best Green Screen under $30

When it comes to recommending you the best of Green screens under $30, there is no better than the Neewer 9×13 feet photography background.

Though it costs $5 more than the category, it fits all the needs and requirements of a small-medium and even bigger streamers.

The height, thick premium material to prevent light spearing through the cloth and the easy handling makes this backdrop the best option for full body shots, video shoots, portrait shoots, creative videos and more for your streaming needs.

Since the backdrop covers all of the backgrounds, your chroma keys efforts are eased out. So, overall, paying $34.99 will be absolutely worth in this product!

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